Rocket III®

Foot Controls

OMP-T3 ... Top Italian Design

Also in matt black available!

Supplied "chrome"   Supplied "black"
One of the finest forward mounted foot controls you can buy. We've got the finest goods from Italy..... you normally find them on Harleys. Usually the special custom jobs. Our specially designed base plates ensure that the controls are mounted approx. 200 mm further forward. 
All manufactured from the finest aluminium and TüV tested & approved. Nearly every screw is made from stainless steel. Moving parts are separated by Teflon washers. Rubber inserts provide a secure grip for your biker boots.
Of course all this doesn't come cheap but the results are fantastic don't you think???
They come in chrome or black.
A new brake hose kit is required with the OMP-T3 foot controls.  Two other variants have either clear or black plastic sleeving which prevents chafing of your paintwork, etc.
OMP-T3 Foot Controls:
Description Order No. Chrome Order No. Black
OMP-T3 Foot Control TR 302300C TR 302300N
Brake Hose Kit:
Order No. Description
TR 301806 Braided Steel Brake Hose Kit, Clear Sleeved
TR 301807  Braided Steel Brake Hose Kit, Black Sleeved